March 2013 marked the beginning of a partnership between Archer Lighting and Philips Brands. Our alliance with the preeminent global lighting leader and our many other well established lighting manufacturers presents boundless opportunities for collective growth. Led by John Scott – CEO, Kevin Wood – President, and a team of experienced staff, Archer Lighting is redefining partnership and commitment among lighting representatives.

Reduce Energy Usage by up to 90%

Artemis Lighting Garage Image - Archer Lighting Artemis Lighting Garage - Archer Lighting
 Artemis Series Lighing  Artemis Series Lighing-Close Up

Xeleum’s Intelligent LED Stairwell Fixtures reduce energy usage by up to 90% with self-contained occupancy sensors, wireless connectivity and battery back-up.

This dramatic reduction in energy usage is achieved by automatically providing the fully ON light level only when the space is occupied and, when the space is unoccupied, reducing the light output by approximately 80% while continuing to provide light levels specified by NFPA and ASHRAE.

  • Fixtures typically paid for in 24 months, or less, of energy cost savings
  • Optional full installation and rebate services
  • Complies with latest lighting controls and sensing requirements